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How Would You Like to Learn How to Tell Stories that Captivate your  Audience/ Students and Promote the Retention of Your Presentation  Content?

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I have been collecting stories and using  them for 35 years and have over 700 in my collection.


Stories for lessons,presentations, inspiration, motivation and general conversation

Dear Friend

My name is Mike Moore and I am a professional speaker and committed storyteller . It doesn't matter who your audience is or how old they are they'll love you if you tell them stories.

You could be in a bar or at a house party telling a humorous or profound story, the fact  is always the same... people love to tell and  be told stories.

Notice that I underlined the words tell  and told when referring to how stories are delivered.  I did not use the word read. Anyone can read a story ( some better than others) but not everyone can tell a great story.

When you tell a story you make it your own.  You can add or subtract details and add texture and suspense with your voice, gestures and facial expressions.  In short you become an actor in your own drama and if you really know what you're doing you can have the audience in the palm of your hand in no time.

It is important to remember that we human beings have an insatiable appetite for stories. From the time we were children when we constantly asked our parents to, " Tell me a story" until the present time nothing has changed. We love to listen to and tell stories.

Life is filled with experiences and when we share these experiences we are telling stories. When we listen to the experiences of others we are sharing their stories. Can you imagine life without stories? What would we talk about?

Stories inform, entertain and grab peoples' attention. Use them often and effectively and watch people come alive in your presence.


Here are four Samples for you to check out.   


It's Just Impossible to Please Everyone

Long ago on a small farm outside a remote country village
there lived a father and son who grew vegetables to earn their

Each Saturday morning they would take their produce, by
donkey, to the local market about 2 miles away.

One Saturday morning they both rode the donkey to the
market with the produce on their backs. The people on route
looked at the father and son on the donkey and said, "Look at
the two of them riding that poor donkey to market.  How lazy
they are."

The next Saturday the father rode the donkey and the son
walked.  Once again the people on route said, " Look at that
lazy father riding while his poor son walks to the market."

On the next trip the son rode the donkey and the
father walked and the people said, " Look at that lazy boy
riding the donkey to market while his poor father walks."

The father and son decided to do something different the
following Saturday. They carried the donkey tied by its feet
to a pole each end  placed on their shoulders. The produce was
carried on their backs.

On their way to market they overheard the people say, " Look
how they treat that poor donkey and they had the local
constable charge the father and son with cruelty to animals.

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A Random Act of Kindness

A second year university student had reluctantly taken a part
time job selling door to door to make ends meet.  He didn't
like the job but the pay was good and he certainly needed the

One afternoon while selling in a nice middle class
neighborhood he decided to forget his pride and ask the person
in the next house if they could spare a bite to eat.

When the door opened he quickly decided against it and just
asked for a glass of water.

The woman of the house smiled and disappeared into the kitchen
returning within seconds with a plate of freshly made
chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.

When the young man asked what he owed her for the wonderful
snack she said, " We don't charge for kindness in this house."

Years later this same woman became very ill and had to be
taken to the hospital for treatment. When the specialist
entered the Emergency room to examine her he recognized
her immediately. She was the milk and cookies lady from his
days as a salesman.

The treatment he prescribed was effective and within a couple
of days she was ready to return home. Her only worry now was
how she was going to pay the hospital bill.

Before leaving she went to the Billing office to find out the
damage and discuss payment options.  When she got there she
was handed a note and told that the bill had been paid in full
with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.

When she opened the note it read, " I don't charge for
kindness."  It was signed A Hungry College Student from your

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The Confident Lion

Leo the Lion was King of the Jungle and wanted everyone to
know it.

Once a week he would position himself  beside the path leading
to the watering hole and as the animals came to drink he would
block their path until they answered one question..."Who is
the King of the Jungle?"

Each animal was expected to answer in a convincing voice,
" YOU ARE OH GREAT LEO." Then and only then would they be
allowed to drink from the watering hole.

One day while Leo was asking his BIG question he was
approached by a huge elephant who was in a terrible mood. As
he came near Leo roared his question, " WHO IS THE KING OF THE

Not being in any mood for this nonsense  the elephant wrapped
his trunk around Leo and threw him high in the air. On his way
down he  grabbed him again and slammed him hard into the

When the dazed Leo came to his senses he looked up at the
irritated elephant and said, " Hey, if you don't know the
answer just say so."

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"Mike has a very engaging style.  He has a way of telling stories that makes people want to listen.  You'll hear how he really captivates his audience when he tells a story. This is something every speaker should want to master."
                              Bryan Caplovitz of Speaker Match

Two Merchants

In an ancient and far away city there lived two successful and
very competitive merchants who hated one another and were
constantly trying to better the other.

One night a messenger from God  visited one of the merchants
and told him that he was instructed to grant him one wish and
one wish only.

There was only one condition attached to the granting of the
wish. Whatever the merchant wished for,the other merchant
would receive double his wish.

The merchant pondered his decision while the angel waited

After a short time the merchant looked at the angel with a
slight smile on his face and said, " Make me blind in one eye."

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