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Mike Moore's Profitable Speaking #20
Mike Moore’s Profitable Speaking #20
1700 readers
published by international speaker and humorist Mike Moore

Greetings once again.
    Time really does fly. It seems like 5 minutes ago that I was sending out the last issue of Profitable Speaking.  My eldest son, Kevin and I just returned from a fishing trip into our north country. We had a great time but the fishing was terrible. Apparently the water was too cold and the wind wasn’t right.  Maybe they just weren’t hungry.  No matter, it was an opportunity to spend some quality time with my 34 year old son, alone without distraction of any kind.  Rare indeed today.  Back to public speaking.

A quote to remember in this  troubled, hate - filled world.

“  We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King

Monthly one-liners

* “Did the God who gave us flowers and trees also provide the allergies?”  E. Y. Harburg

* “ I keep forgetting. Am I in the groove or in a rut?”  Mal Hancock

* “ I know only two tunes. One is Yankee Doodle and the other isn’t.”  U. S. Grant

Introducing Speaker Allie Ochs

Allie Ochs, a relationship expert, coach, speaker and author, is on a heart-felt mission to eradicate relationship turmoil. She effectively utilizes her revolutionary approach to build exceptional personal and business relationships. This refreshing and often radical vision is not for the faint-hearted or weak. It is for the brave. Allie’s rich and result-driven content, delivers strategies to transform every relationship and save your audience from years of despair or even costly therapy.
1.    ARE YOU FIT TO LOVE? Based on Allie’s Book
2.    ARE YOU FIT TO WORK TOGETHER? How to create exceptional relationships at work
Every topic is a powerful, sweeping message about the essence of our lives: human relationships. People become passionate, productive, fulfilled and alive through loving, caring and authentic relationships. Allie’s exceptionally thought-provoking message empowers her audience to turn every relationship into a surprising venture of personal growth. This is the time-sensitive 21st century message we all need to hear.
Allie is available for Brilliant Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops And In House Training
Contact Allie: Phone (905) 938-3568
Website: http://www.Fit2Love.com
E-mail: mailto:info@fit2love.com

Tell the world about you. Send three paragraphs plus contact information to mailto:mikemoore@motivationalplus.com

Here is a very interesting article by fellow speaker Marlene Caroselli. I found it interesting and informative.

                    When Your Speech Requires Leadership Language          Marlene Caroselli

To paraphrase the inimitable Yogi Berra, you can learn a lot just by
studying. Contained within the speaking styles of the great communicators are
innumerable tips that, properly analysed, will afford tremendous insight into
successful styles. And, conversely, by studying the mistakes made by
less-than-great communicators we can also learn what works and what does not.

Here are examples of the latter: non-influential statements, uttered by
"leaders" in one sense of the word only.

*  Asked about the Holocaust, Dan Quayle replied, "It was an obscene period
in our nation's history." A reporter intervened, asking if Quayle meant
something other than "our nation's." Mr. Quayle grasped the opening, explaining
that he had meant to say "in this century's history."
He then elucidated further: "We all lived in this century--I didn't live
in this century, in this century's history. We did not have, as a matter of
fact, we fought, Hitlerism. The Holocaust is a critical point in history that we
should as a nation understand."

Of course, when understanding of your essential point eludes your
audience, it is virtually impossible to influence them towards a course of action
you've deemed worth pursuing. Here's the perfect example.

A Wall Street Journal article (Lee Berton, "The Simple Truth of It Is
That He Was Channeling Immanuel Kant," March 22, 1989, page 1) provides another
illustration of the importance attached to using language that enlightens
rather than language that leaves us in the dark.

Candido Mendes, a Brazilian political scientist, offered his views on global environmental problems, "The fiat of sustainability of [the report]
asserts the necessary engineerings of totality built this first basic intertwining
between development and environment in an at-random set of the inner dynamisms
of those ecosystems, with no assessment of their self-closing, or disruption,
or dependable reading of their effective interplay." (Reprinted by permission
of Wall Street Journal © 1989, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

In his defense, it is only fair to note that his remarks were not
intended for a lay audience. So, when asked to "translate" for the non-scientific
mind, Mendes gave this explanation, "It asks whether sustainability should be
considered from an a priori or ad hoc approach."

Inadvertent insensitivity also negates whatever good intentions you may
have had. What's worse, the more visible your position, the more likely you are
to be publicly criticized for remarks that, on the surface at least, appear

Francophiles no doubt took offense to the remarks of Prince Charles:
"Life is not worth living unless you have a choice of all the gloriously
unhygienic things which mankind--especially the French portion of it--has lovingly

Beware, as well, of the danger of making too declarative a statement:

Admiral W. Leahy, in 1945, assured President Truman that "the atomic bomb
will not go off. And I speak as an expert in explosives."

President Grover Cleveland assured his nation in 1905 that "sensible women
will never want to vote."

Avoid these errors
How you lessen your leadership effectiveness?
-- By clouding rather than clarifying your point
-- By using language that floats above the heads of your audience
-- By being insensitive
-- By being inaccurate
-- By being too emphatic.

Terrifc Tips

* Humor and story telling promote audience attention and the retention of material covered.  So if you want your audience to pay attention and remember what you said, tell them stories and use humor throughout your presentation.

* It is great to be well read and have a wonderful vocabulary but avoid trying to impress your audience with both. Speak correctly and use simple, clear language. They will be impressed.


If you find the information in this newsletter helpful why not purchase my manual “ Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure”. It has everything you need to know and do to get started in the speaking business.  With every purchase comes 6 months of free consultation with me on any aspect of your career. I will be by your side on the journey.  Go for it!!

Download your copy at http://www.motivationalplus.com or at http://www.speakforprofit.com

What’s  Happening?

On June 10th I am flying to Timmins ON Canada to speak at the VCARS conference. I will be doing the after- dinner presentation. Not only am I looking forward to doing the talk, but I will have an opportunity to meet and listen to the Mother of Kristen French who was murdered so viciously by Paul Bernardo in the early 1990s.  She will be sharing her thoughts and insights with the members of Victims Crisis Assistance Response Services ( VCARS). I am looking forward to hearing her.

Last Thursday I was at the Skyloft Ski Resort north of Whitby ON Canada speaking to the managers and supervisors of the Durham County Works Department. The topic they chose was “ Leadership is a Laughing Matter.  We had a great time.


If you have a question you would like to have addressed why not take a minute to send it to me?  I will give you my thoughts on it in the next issue and invite fellow readers to share their  insights as well. Don’t be shy.

Cartoons for you to use free of charge.

I have a few cartoon sites available for you. They can be accessed at




Cartoons always enrich a presentation.

If you know someone who would enjoy receiving notice of new cartoons posted please invite them to send a blank email to mailto:cartoons@sendfree.com   I would love to have them aboard.

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Until next month keep happy and keep talking.  Thanks, Mike

Mike Moore's  Profitable Speaking - May edition #19
Mike Moore’s Profitable Speaking #19
1700 subscribers
Published by international speaker Mike Moore

Welcome to another issue of Profitable Speaking. Once again I would like to invite you to submit an article, question or speaking tip for publication in Profitable Speaking. I really do want to expose our readers to the opinions and the wisdom of others. So send them along. Just remember to keep your article below 500 words. Also if you want to tell 1700 people throughout the world about what you do as a speaker send a 2 or 3 paragraph promotional item to me at mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

Feature article

                    Investing in Your Professional Development    By Mike Moore

I have been speaking professionally for a lot of years and I am very comfortable in front of an audience. In spite of this I still feel the need to learn more about the art of speaking. The best place for me to learn is at the feet of those who are achieving beyond where I am at present.  That’s why I am constantly looking for resources that will take me to the next level of expertise. When I find someone I admire and want to emulate I order their products, study them and apply those ideas that fit my style. A percentage of my earnings each month goes into this process .  It’s a fact that professional development for a speaker is of paramount importance if you are to improve and continue to progress.

The one area that interests me the most and in which my need for improvement is the greatest is the business side of speaking. Not only is it important, it is vitally important. There are some speakers who say that learning how to market yourself and your services
should be the central focus of every speaker.  In my continued research into the subject of how to market myself as a speaker I have picked up quite a few strategies that really do work but I am always on the lookout for more. Thus my monthly investment in professional development.

There are people in our business whose experience and expertise can really help you grow as a speaker. These are the people you want to access.  If I am achieving  the results you would like to achieve then access my material. The important thing is to find someone who can take you to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to pay for the information you need. Just  make certain that the person from whom you are purchasing a product offers a 100%, no questions asked guarantee. With this kind of guarantee you have nothing to lose.  If a person buys my product and isn’t happy with what they get, then I don’t want them to have it. Send it back and your money is refunded without hesitation and without question.  I must say that in the five years I have been selling my public speaking manuals and CDs I have only had one returned and that one was sent back to me highlighted with a yellow marker. Some people!!!

The people I look to for advice and speaking wisdom are Burt Dubin and Tom Antion. These speakers have achieved a position in the speaking business that I want to achieve therefore I study them. I subscribe to their newsletters and purchase their products. Both have impressed me and their material was certainly worth the money.  Burt and Tom provide access to free articles and both are willing to answer questions when contacted.  If you would like to take a look at their sites just type their name plus the word speaker into your favourite search engine and they will appear. They are  worth a visit.

The message in this article is an important one. Find someone a level above where you are. Develop trust with that person and invest in your professional development. The dividends are well worth the expenditure.

Introducing Rick Blumenberg

Rick Blumenberg, Author, Investor, Motivational Speaker, and Seminar Leader. Author of three published books (two inspirational books and one a campground/church history), as well as two family histories that are still in the writing stage with several thousand words each and three manuscripts for which I'm seeking a publisher. I have a newspaper column (My View from Tanner Creek in the Bridgman-Baroda Beat a local monthly newspaper.)
 "Need an after dinner speaker for your group? Need a Seminar for your club, Class, or Crew? Need a Conference or Convention Speaker? I'm the guy. Call me at 1-800-592-8292.
Some Potential Themes: The Awesome Power of Appreciation; Writing Your Own Story; Writing Your Family History; Climbing Your Family Tree and Picking the Fruit; Being the Father Your Adult Children Need; and Investing in Mortgages for Fun and Profit. If you have a better idea, let me know. I can create an entertaining and informative program to meet your needs. Call Rick Blumenberg, 1-800-592-8292

Poetry Challenge

This jewel was submitted by Rick Blumenberg. The poetry world will never be the same. Thanks Rick.

“Ode to Computers”
I don’t use my computer to really compute,
I merely word process.
But when I think of the typewriters I’ve used
That’s doing pretty good I guess

Terrific Tip of the Month

Don’t sell your books and tapes at the back of the room after giving an after dinner speech.  I have learned the hard way that people are just  not interested in buying after a meal. Last night I was giving a speech, in a nearby city, to a business association’s annual general meeting. The speech was very well received and when I finished I invited the audience to take a look at my books, tapes and CDS. Not one person bought. Usually 10 to 15 percent of the audience purchase my material. They were all too busy networking with one another after the meal.  I should have learned this lesson much earlier for this phenomenon happens after each dinner speech.

Monthly One liners:

*  He’s got a wonderful ten minute speech. Unfortunately, it takes him an hour to give it.

* She gave a speech last week that will be remembered for a long, long time. It was to a group of elephants.

* Speakers are a lot like mushrooms. You never know if you’re getting a bad one until it’s too late.

My CD/ cassette “ How to Get More Speaking Engagements” is now available from my store at http://www.motivationalplus.com/store.html  It contains all the techniques and strategies I use to get 100+ invitations to speak each year.

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“ All workplace problems are people problems. Solve people problems and you solve workplace problems.” Mike Moore

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Until next month keep in touch and keep talking.   Mike

Mike Moore's  Profitable Speaking - April edition #18

Welcome to another issue of Profitable Speaking. Time sure does fly. Doesn't it? It seem like two minutes ago that I was sending out the last issue.  Things are going well for me here in Brantford Ontario Canada. Brantford is the home town of Wayne Gretzky. Is there anyone out there who hasn't heard of the " Great One"?  Anyway Brantford is 100 km west of Toronto Ontario and is ideal for me because its proximity to Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It is only  a one hour drive to catch a plane. Enough small talk and on with Profitable Speaking.

Move over Shakespeare.

I recently wrote this limerick while having coffee at my local "office" coffee shop, Tim Horton's. I hope that you find it as moving and inspirational as I did. I think it really shows that I have too much time on my hands.

There once was a speaker of note
To his talks his books he would tote
Oh how he'd try
To get people to buy
Without feeling they were being grabbed by the throat.

That was so touching that I moved myself to tears.

Send me your creative efforts. They can't be any worse than that one.

  • As soon as life starts making sense to me I know I'm in trouble. Mal Hancock
  • Venice would be a fine city if it were only drained.  Ulysses Grant
  • Coffee is not my cup of tea.  Samuel Goldwyn

Feature Article Part 2

How to Become a More Entertaining Speaker
by Mike Moore

  1. Use your voice as an instrument. Show emotion, joy, intensity, amusement, frustration with your voice. Whatever you do, don't be a monotonic speaker. They are deadly.
  2. Have fun with your audience. Near the end of every presentation on humor and fun in the workplace I provide a rhythm  band experience for members of my audience. I usually select 8 willing people to participate in this musical experience.  I give each member of the group a rhythm band instrument similar to the instruments we all remember from primary school. With the instrument comes a brief instruction on how to play it. I don't teach them too much as the fun comes from watching them become creative in playing their instrument.  I play and sing a song on the guitar and my band goes wild.  If you can't play the guitar don't worry about it. Just select a song from a CD and play it for the band to accompany. The song isn't that important but the fun is. I have had CEOs from large companies in the band having a great time. After the concert I have heard members of the audience say " I've never seen him/her like that before. They were actually having fun."  Such is the liberating power of play.
  3. Tell your audience stories. We all love to be told stories whether we are six or sixty years old. In my audio CD " How to Use Storytelling in Public Speaking" I talk about the importance of storytelling and show you how to use them effectively in your presentations.. Stories amuse, inform, and entertain your audience so use them frequently.
  4. Be yourself. Get rid of the masks you hide behind and let your audience see and enjoy the real you.
  5. Relax and enjoy the speaking experience. The audience is not your enemy. They want you to be good so their needs can be met and their time investment can be rewarded.

 These are the basic elements involved in being a more entertaining speaker. Take one at a time and try to incorporate it into your presentations. You will be pleased with the results.

NEW!!!   FREE!!!

To Subscribe to my new FREE e-course " How to Combat Workplace Dis-ease" send a blank email to mailto:workplacehumor@sendfree.com  160 people  signed up in just two days. It does suggest a problem.

" All workplace problems are people problems. Solve people problems and you solve workplace problems."
Mike Moore

Terrific Tip

I have been told that 95% of all books purchased are never read. They are bought because the buyer knows of and likes the author. Lesson??? Become well known and likeable. If your audience likes you they will buy your books, tapes and manuals.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

My seminar to teachers in Las Vegas went extremely well and the holiday was fantastic. Carol and I saw Cirque de Soleil , Celine Dion and Splash. I lost $35.00 and Carol about $50.00 gambling. You can see that the Casinos did not make a great bundle on us.

Check out Mike's speaking Schedule at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?calendar

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Getting to Know Our Readers

Dr. Marlene Caroselli

So enamored is Dr. Marlene Caroselli with words that she has used them to write over 50 business books. Her presentations deal with all aspects of the communications process--Thinking on your feet, Persuasion, Listening, Writing,  Civility in the Workplace, Interpersonal Exchanges, CommuniGreat, the Language of  Leadership, et cetera. She also speaks on a wide variety of other topics such as Management, Stress, Problem-solving, Creativity, Maximizing your mind and others.

Whenever possible, Marlene weaves personal/family stories into her message. She illustrates, for example, the need for diversity of thinking by telling her audiences, "I dated an engineer once.....for about an hour." She then emphasizes the importance of uniting many kinds of thinking and many different backgrounds when working as a team. You can visit her web site http://www.caroselli.biz and http://www.amazon.com  to learn more about her and her presentations

*Let us get to know you. Send us a two paragraph introduction at mikemoore@speakforprofit.com


I love this site. They actually send you information re. organizations in need of speakers. You can apply on-line. Take a look http://www.speakermatch.com

One-liners for Speakers
  • A great convention closing - And as we head home with a bounce in our step, faith in our hearts, new ideas in our minds, bills in our pockets and little bars of hotel soap in our suitcases....
  • Bad microphone - Can you hear me? You know I have spoken to more dead mikes than an Irish undertaker.
  • When a joke dies - I really thought that was funny.( Pause) Obviously I was the only one that did. This remark usually gets a laugh when the joke didn't.


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Until next month keep speaking and keep in touch.    Mike

Mike Moore's Profitable Speaking - March edition #17
Mike Moore’s Profitable Speaking #17
1600 subscribers

Hello to all of you. I am pleased to report that my new CD “ How to Get More Speaking Engagements” has been well received by the many buyers.  I am seriously considering another audio product “ How to Produce and Sell  Back of the Room Products.  Let me know if this would be of interest to you by sending an email to me with “Interested” in the subject line mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

On the Horizon

I have been asked to speak to a group of educators in Las Vegas on March 12 on the topic of Teacher Assertiveness. This works out great for my wife Carol and I. We can combine a holiday with work. Carol will come with me to sell my books and we can do a little sightseeing and a little gambling ( very little) while there. We have tickets to see Celine Dion, one of our own Canadian products.  We are looking forward to the event. Isn’t the speaking business great?

Let me introduce you to one of our readers.
"Speak 2 Me"
Barry McCready - Advanced Toastmaster, Public Speaker, Master of Ceremonies

Much of any company's success depends on communication. How well they
communicate determines if they will grow into a industry leader or just

Barry McCready has given speeches to organisations large & small, including
sporting groups and social / church groups.

My service offers keynote speeches on motivation, what motivates people, why
do they want to succeed, how to succeed.

I use a variety of examples, from personal experience, to what has worked
for others, from talking with people from all walks of life.
By getting a profile of your company / organisation, I can give you the best
presentation to motivate & stimulate employees & colleagues.

Contact on e-mail:baramac1@ozemail.com.au .


I must say that my monthly cartoon feature has gone over well. I now have over 380 subscribers and it has only been offered a short while. I offer a FREE monthly cartoon to anyone interested by just sending a blank email to cartoons@sendfree.com .  My cartoons are ideal for illustrating presentations, for newsletters, and bulletin boards. They are yours to use, no charge. Take advantage of the offer if you haven’t already. I love doing them and each cartoon promotes my websites www.speakforprofit.com and www.motivationalplus.com


ORDER “ Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure” from http://www.amazon.com Check out Mike’s other publications while there.

Feature Article

PART ONE. Watch for the rest of this article in next month’s issue of Profitable Speaking

How to Become a More Entertaining Speaker by Mike Moore

If you look up the word entertaining in the dictionary you will find that it means amusing, interesting and pleasing.  So, to become a more entertaining speaker you must become more amusing, interesting and pleasing to the audience you are addressing.

Here are a few practical suggestions to help you improve your entertainment quotient as a speaker.

1. Focus on the needs and wants of your audience. Remember that a bore is ME deep in conversation. To avoid being boring be audience centred not ME centred.  Speak in terms of their desire to be recognized, to belong, to feel important and to enjoy pleasure and laughter.  People need attention. There is nothing more affirming than the undivided attention and appreciation of another. If you want your audience to give you there undivided attention give them yours.

2.Put a smile on your face the moment you enter the building and keep it there until you leave. I recall hearing a speaker who was very good when speaking but before he began and the moment he finished his smile was nowhere to be seen.  Be conscious of the importance of your smile in meeting the needs and wants of your audience.

3.  Be enthusiastic about your life and your message. Enthusiasm is contagious and does get attention. Ask yourself if you were a member of your audience would you be listening attentively to what you were saying?

4 Tell stories. A study was done at an American university to study the factors that impacted positively on student attention in class and their retention of course content.  It was found that when the professor  used humor and storytelling in a lecture retention of material and attention to what was being taught increased significantly. There is a good message here for us as speakers.

5. Laugh at yourself during your presentation.  There is nothing people enjoy more than hearing and seeing a speaker laughing at his/her weaknesses and human  foibles. It gives the audience permission to laugh at themselves when they see their own shortcomings and weaknesses reflected in yours. It promotes a “ we’re all in this together” attitude. I tell a story about the time I had parked my car outside our local post office. I got out to find a beautiful middle aged woman on the step of the post office. I sucked in my stomach, smiled as I bounded up the steps like a young gazelle and gave the woman an enthusiastic “ HELLO!!” When I came out after doing my business she was still there so once again I gave her the time of day and got into my car looking and feeling quite suave .(Isn’t self delusion wonderful?) When I took out my keys and tried to insert them into the ignition they wouldn’t fit.. I looked in the rearview mirror only to see my automobile two cars behind me. In my exuberance to impress and look suave I had entered the wrong car. All I could do is get out, look at the object of my distraction and say, “ OOOPS WRONG CAR” She just stood there looking very amused by my antics.  Whenever I tell this story the audience roars and when I finish my presentation I usually have three or four people come up to share similar experiences with me. We are all in this together.

If you don’t laugh at yourself you leave the job to someone else.


Each month I receive inquiries from people asking if my offer of 6 months FREE consultation with me is for REAL. Yes it is. I believe that we have to help others achieve their dreams in the process of achieving our own and this is my way of doing it. If you are kind enough and interested enough to purchase one of my products then I will be there for you as you start your journey to speaking success. You can get in touch via email or by phone. If you select the latter you pay for the call and I provide the insights. This is a great bonus as my consultation fee is $200 per hour.


*  A child’s fastest period of growth is right after you have purchased new school clothes.

*  We child proofed our home but somehow they get in anyway.

*  The first time I see a jogger smile I will consider taking it up.

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How to Get More Speaking Engagements

 If interested in my new audio CD “ How to Get More Speaking Engagements” email me at mikemoore@speakforprofit.com and I will send more information to you. Put “gigs” in the subject line. REMEMBER: You can be the best speaker in the world but if no one invites you to speak you’re out of luck.

Something NEW:

I now have the ability to take credit card orders over the phone or by fax.  If you see something you’d  like to order and you don’t want to order on line or use a check/cheque or money order. You can now phone or fax your order to me. Phone: 519 753 0702 Fax 519 754 4794. Your credit card info will be destroyed after purchase.


Send in your questions, suggestions, triumphs, ideas and sort articles. Email them to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

Also remember that I am still willing to give you publicity via Profitable Speaking. In two paragraphs tell us about your speaking service. I will publish your contact info for the world to see. Don’t be shy. TOOT YOUR OWN HORN

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That’s it for this month. Hope you fond this issue interesting and helpful. Do keep speaking and in touch.  Thanks, Mike



Mike Moore's Profitable Speaking - February edition # 16

Hello to all of you and welcome to another edition of Profitable Speaking.

There is a lot to talk about so lets begin.

by Mike Moore

No matter how long you have been speaking there are still lessons to be learned and I learned a huge one earlier this month in the province of Manitoba. I was booked to do two, one hour presentations to the Eastern Manitoba Dairy Farmers annual conference in the beautiful little town of Steinbach Manitoba.. The flight from Hamilton ON was terrific. There is something awe inspiring about flying at 41,000 feet in the winter moonlight.

The accommodations were clean and comfortable and I certainly was well fed by friendly hospitable farm folk. "So what's the problem?" you ask. Well it was in the set-up of the hall. The conference took place in a rather large one room community hall just outside of Steinbach. The fact that it was in ONE room was the problem.

The planners had the hall divided into two sections separated by a large blue curtain. On the right side of the curtain was the speaking and eating area. On the left side was the sponsor's display area. The sponsors had their booths set up to attract potential customers and the farmers flocked to their section to chat with friends and representatives from the various sponsoring companies. The laughter and the social interaction was a pleasure to behold. Until it was my time to speak that is.

It was only when I began to speak that I became aware of the competing noise level coming from the other side of the blue curtain. It was totally distracting and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The sponsors had every right to interact with the farmers. They were paying the bills for the conference and I was only an invited guest hired by the planners to present two talks on humor and human relationships.

The only thing that saved my sanity was the magnetic power of humor and laughter. The more the audience laughed the more the people from the other side of the curtain were drawn to see what was so funny. I survived the first day but the second day was no better. The same thing happened, plus a few crying babies.

THE LESSON LEARNED??? Always ask about the set-up of the room or hall. You can bet that from now on I will want to know if the sponsors will be in the same room as the speakers. If they are I will either decline the invitation or increase my fee to include combat pay.

It was a frustrating but fun experience. I got good coverage from the Winnipeg affiliate of CTV and the people really enjoyed my message and my style of delivery. In spite of the distractions I remained calm and focussed. If I had become flustered I think the audience would have reacted negatively towards me. Another lesson learned.

Here is a program that is really working well for me. It was worth the money and Jeff is a very helpful and accommodating guy. I have increased the number of visitors to my websites by well over 75%.

What would a GUARANTEEDendless supply of targeted traffic be worth to you?

If you ask me that question, I would have to say you can't even put a price on something that valuable.

Starting right now, YOU can generate the kind of traffic that only major websites previously enjoyed!

It's fast, it's easy, and most importantly, this method is guaranteed to drive unlimited traffic no matter what website or product you're promoting.


This month's three one-liners for speakers

  1. As we bring the evening to a close why don't we all go out to the parking lot together and watch our cars depreciate. ( Good closing line)
  2. Don't worry, loud applause doesn't frighten me.
  3. Don't be embarrassed to ask the simplest and most basic questions. They are the only kind I am able to answer.

These one-liners come from " Winning with One-Liners"Compiled by Pat Williams

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How to Get More Speaking Engagements

I recently sent you an email asking this question....

What would you like to see me send your way to help you become a more proficient, productive speaker? I will try to deliver based on your stated needs and not on my perception of them.

Your many responses made it quite clear. You want practical ideas and suggestions on how to get more speaking engagements or how to market yourself as a speaker. I have prepared an audio CD/tape on the subject. I will share with you, for 70 minutes, the ways I use to get 50 speaking gigs a year. If interested email me at mikemoore@speakforprofit.com and I will send more information to you. Put "gigs" in the subject line. REMEMBER: You can be the best speaker in the world but if no one invites you to speak you' re out of luck.

Terrific Tip

A great speech not only involves what you say, but how you say it. What you say is only a part of the package. Always try to deliver your speech so that you leave them liking you; leave them liking themselves; leave them laughing. Just NEVER leave them hanging.

Something NEW

I now have the ability to take credit card orders over the phone or by fax. If you see something you'd like to order and you don't want to order on line or using a check/cheque or money order. You can now phone or fax your order to me.
Phone: 519 753 0702
Fax 519 754 4794.

Your credit card info will be destroyed after purchase.

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REMEMBER.... 6 months FREE consultation with any purchase of one or more of my products. I am here for you.

Check out my complete Profitable Speaking System at http://www.speakforprofit.com

It's always nice to receive this kind of letter. Thanks, Dorothy.

Hi Mike.

When I was a guest speaker recently, I practised what you preach, and focussed on connecting with my audience rather than giving the speech. I knew it was working when, during the delivery of sad and cruel details, I saw a man in the audience pull out his handkerchief, wipe the tears from his eyes, and blow his nose. Thanks for the great lessons, advice, and encouragement, Mike.

Dorothy Pedersen

Until next time keep talking and keep in touch. I am here to help you. Mike

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Mike Moore's Profitable Speaking - January edition # 15

Hello and Season's Greeting to all of you. I trust you had an enjoyable holiday with family and friends. I had my whole family home for Christmas here in Brantford ON Canada. When I have them here with me I can't think of anything else I could ask for. As I get older I realize more clearly that family is what life is really all about. My last speaking engagement was Dec.10 so I have had a great long holiday. The next series of talks is near Winnipeg on Jan.7/8. I leave here on the 6th. I am looking forward to meeting all the fine folks out west.


Here is a great tip that I came up with prior to my last speaking engagement. I purchased a small digital recorder that gave me up to 5 hours of non-stop recording. When I added a clip on microphone I was in business. Just before I began my speech I reached into my pant's pocket turned the recorder on , adjusted the mic. and forgot about the thing until the end of my 70 minute speech. When I went home I downloaded the speech from the recorder, created a wave file, burned a copy of the presentation and put a label on it. I now have a 70 minute audio CD to sell as part of my Light Up With Laughter Toolkit ( Coming soon)


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The response to my cartoons for speakers has been so fantastic that I am going to do something different with them. I will send you your own copy of a new cartoon each month to be used in any way you see fit...FREE. All you have to do is leave my contact info on each cartoon. You will find them very effective to use in your speeches. Just make an overhead transparency of the cartoon and you are in business.  The cartoons will deal with any and every aspect of the human condition. To receive your own copy send a blank email to mailto:cartoons@sendfree.com   Each month I will notify you when another cartoon is ready. Just click on the email address and press send. It will be sent to you immediately.


Please send me your success stories, ideas, questions, suggestions, tips, articles etc. They will make our newsletter more interesting and helpful.  Send to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com


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These  great questions were sent in by Phil, one of our subscribers, and I thought you would be interested in my responses.

Q. How many minutes, on average , is a speaking engagement?

R. My speaking engagements are from 30 minutes to a full day. I hate the 30 min. talks but often that is all they want so I oblige for the $1500 fee-same as an 90 min. talk.

Q. How many cartoons and one-liners do you use in a speaking engagement?

R. I try to use humor every 7 minutes. ( Just my own set rule) Frequently Iuse a funny line or story every 3-5 min. but I never let 7 min. go by without something funny. It maintains audience attention and promotes retention of the material.

Q. Do you ever conduct a brief exercise during a talk i.e. having the audience complete some type of document to demonstrate a point.

R. Yes, I sometimes give a little quiz. e.g. stress test. They love these but don't use too many. One or two per talk and keep them brief and simple. I use a lot more interactive material when doing half day or full day seminars.

Q. In " Knock 'EM Dead Business Presentations" you said..." I have seen speakers use their visuals as cue cards to remind them of their content." Is this a good or bad idea?

R. Visual cue cards are OK. I have no problem with them, but I prefer to know my stuff so well that I don't need them. I do use a dry erase board 8 1/2" X11" to list some of the stories I want to include. I talk about this more in my manual Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure.

Q. Do you give out any "handouts" after a talk i.e. Recommended Reading List; Copies of you visuals; etc.?

R. I give handouts as a free gift to be picked up at my product table after the talk. This draws them to the table and while there perhaps buy my other products.

Q. What are your thoughts on using Power Point and a tri-pod Chart to write on?

R. I don't use power point because I am not a sequential speaker. I respond to the audience and my feelings and thoughts at the time. I pick up an overhead transparency from the table when it is appropriate to where I am and what I am speaking about in the moment. In powerpoint, as I understand it, you have to go in sequence. I also like a bright room and the overhead allows me to maintain brightness. A bright room keeps the audience bright. I
know of some speakers who use powerpoint effectively. It is up to you.

Q. What is the difference between a Business Presentation format ( which I have done a lot of in my career) and a Talk format?

R. There is no real difference other than focus and intention. The same elements go into the planning and delivery of both. Frequently business presentations are dry and content oriented. I believe that you can deliver a business presentation effectively using story and humor.

Q. Are you aware of any good humorous sources of one-liners, stories or cartoons dealing with the area I am focussing on?

R. Did you check my site http://www.speakforprofit.com for the pdf download of humorous one-liners? Remember that one-liners can be general in nature reflecting the human condition. Even within a business oriented talk you can insert a general one liner at the right time. " example" Let's say you are talking about customer relations you could possibly insert this line by mentioning that most people have low self esteem and this impacts on how they relate to others at home or when doing business. " You wouldn't worry about what people thought of you if you only knew how seldom they did." You just have to set them up. Check out the article I wrote on the topic at http://www.speakforprofit.com/articles.html I really like a book called Wit and Humor Dictionary compiled by Leonard Roy Frank published by Randon House Webster's.ISBN 0-375-70931-2 There are 6000 one liners here. I am also getting a book for Christmas called"  One-liners for Speakers" ( I think that's the title.) I am not supposed to know about it. Will let you know more about it after tomorrow. Hope this helps you Phil. Best wishes to you and Sandy and your family.

P.S. The title of the book of one-liners I received for Christmas from one of my sons is, "Winning with One-Liners" complied by Pat Williams published  by Health Communications, Inc. ISBN # 0-7573-0057-X   It looks fantastic!  Paul got it at Chapters.

When you purchase my material you are entitled to this type of consultation via email or phone. It is part of the 6 month free consultation I offer with the purchase of ANY of my materials. Phil purchased an ebook called "How to Deliver " Knock 'Em Dead " Business Presentations"

Check out Mike's public speaking audio system. 4 - one hour CDS on everything you need to know about the art and business of speaking.  http://www.motivationalplus.com/store.html ORDER NOW


From now on I will be including three one-liners in each issue of Profitable Speaking. If you would like to see the process I use for inserting one-liners into my speeches visit http://www.speakforprofit.com/articles.html  Scroll down to the Article " How to Use Humorous One-liners in Your Speeches"


  • I got my son a new bike for his birthday and hid it where he'll never find it.... in the bathtub. ( Great for a speech on parenting.)
  • That remark makes as much sense as an ashtray on a motorcycle. ( Good to work in during a speech about something you said. Laughing at yourself is a great way to connect with your audience.)
  • I'm sorry, I have forgotten your first and last name.  ( Use when fooling around with the audience.)


Visit my site http://www.speakforprofit.com for a free 5 week course called The Launching Pad to Profitable Speaking. You can also enroll by sending a blank email to mailto:launching@sendfree.com

Well people that's it for this issue. Hope you found it helpful and amusing. If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining the ever growing list of readers please send them this address mailto:profitablespeaking@sendfree.com

Until next time keep talking and laughing. Mike

*  When you order any of Mike's public speaking products you receive six
month's of FREE consultation.

Mike Moore's PPROFITABLE SPEAKING - September edition # 11

Hello To All  Our Readers

I trust you enjoyed the summer in spite of the enormous power blackout experienced by 50 million people in Ontario Canada and the Eastern U.S.A. What an experience it was.  It really made me aware of just how much we rely on electricity to power our lives and how its absence from our life can impact us greatly.  On e good thing I noticed in our city. People were sitting outside, going  for walks with their children holding flashlights and looking at a star-studded city sky for the first time in decades. So it wasn't all bad. Things are up and running now although we are asked to conserve energy whenever we can. I think conservation should be the norm from now on for many reasons. 

My TOPS Presentations in Ottawa

My wife Carol and I spent three days in Ottawa in mid July where I gave two presentations to the Annual TOPS Convention. ( Take Off Pounds Sensibly) What a great time we had. On the Wednesday I spoke to three hundred of their leaders and on Thursday I addressed the entire group of 3700. Not only were they a joy to be with but they treated Carol and I royally. On top of this they purchased over 600 copies of my products.  It was well worth working for a reduced fee.  Since returning home I have had three offers to speak at State conferences and two offers to speak on Humour in the Workplace to businesses associated with Tops members.  Isn't word of mouth something? 

It was interesting to note that whatever book or tape I held up and read a selection from during the talks sold like hot cakes afterward.  There is a lesson here for us all.

What's On the Horizon for Septermber

  • Sept 4/5 I am speaking to 225 women at a Retreat Centre near Tweed Ontario on the "Role of Laughter in Living Well"
  • Sept. 7 I take our daughter Beth back to University in North Bay ON after four months at home. We will miss her. This has nothing to do with speaking, but then life isn't all speaking.

Up And Comer of The Month

There were no submissions for the UP AND COMER slot this month. Don't
hesitate to send your profile in so our readers throughout the world can get
to know you.

Remember: All speaking is public speaking unless, of course, you talk to yourself.

Monthly Speaking Tip

Never forget that your audience is on your side. They want you to be a hit.  Keep this firmly in mind as you prepare to speak.  It might help with the butterflies. 

Our featured article this month is by Andrea Reynolds. Andrea has forgotten more about the speaking business than most people ever know.

12 Truths Speakers Need to Know About Speaker Agents and Speaker Bureaus
 by Andrea Reynolds (Copyright 2003)

If you are a new speaker or one who is starting to earn better than tiny honoraria, you should be starting to consider how you can utilize resources that exist to help you earn better fees. In my 13 plus years of managing and representing niche speakers I've learned that many speakers, including those with experience, have some mistaken ideas about how speaker agents and speaker bureaus operate. Many speakers think they are the same and often to refer to agencies as bureaus.

These 12 truths will help you make better choices in your speaking career.... and increase your profits.

  1. An agency works for the interests of the speaker. An agency's client isyou, the speaker; the one who is selling a service. An agent has an incentive to get you as high a fee as possible because the more she gets for you, the more she gets. The agent is eager to cultivate a relationship with a small number of professional speakers.
  2. A bureau works for the interests of the hiring organization. A bureau's client is the group or audience: the one who is looking to buy your service. While a bureau does get a percentage of the contract, the bureau wants to keep its client happy by keeping costs in line with its budget. That client, if happy, will return to the bureau to hire many more speakers - not necessarily you - in the future. The bureau is eager to cultivate a relationship with a large number of organizations.
  3. Agencies and bureaus don't seek speaking engagements for speakers.  That's just not what they do. That's what publicists and marketing consultants do... and get paid up front for their services. Agents and bureaus passively list speakers on their Web sites and brochures. They may actively promote their firm, but not their individual speakers.
  4. An agent works to get you more money and better treatment. That's an agent's primary responsibility, to speak on your behalf where it's uncomfortable for you to ask for what you deserve or get better terms than you have been offered. Some speakers would rather avoid discussing money at all costs, even if it means not getting as much as they deserve. An agent loves to handle what speakers prefer to avoid.
  5. Agents don't "pitch" speakers to organizations. With speakers who have never spoken or been paid to speak there just is no incentive for agents to do the work of publicists for free. In fact, it is in your best interest to hand over speaking invitations you receive to your agent. Example: Let's say you are offered $1000 for a speech. If your agent can get you $2000 and takes a 25% commission ($500), you're now getting $500 more than you would have on your own.
  6. Agents and bureaus are usually very happy to work together. If a bureau is in a position to hire a speaker which an agent represents, the bureau will ask to split the commission. It costs you nothing more than the bureau's standard commission, but you still have the benefit of your agent's greater interest in what you receive and how you are treated.
  7. Exclusivity is a two-way street. If you don't want your agent to represent any other speakers in your niche - bureaus will list other speakers on your topic because it's in their clients' interests - then you must not work with other agents or bureaus. To do so is unethical and will likely cause your agent to drop you.
  8. Exclusivity can work in your favor. Build a relationship with just one agent over time and it becomes a partnership built on loyalty and trust. A good agent can help you build a great speaking career and reputation. (It was a speaker agent who worked with Deepak Chopra and built his speaking career from obscurity to a multimillion dollar empire.)

Read Part Two next month.

~ ~ ~ ~ Andrea Reynolds positions and promotes experts to celebrity status, has been a professional speaker since 1977 and a speaker agent since 1990. She is the author of Secrets for Setting and Quoting Your Speaking Fees, The Speaker's Promotion Kit, and 33 Amenities Speakers Deserve. Her web sites are www.ExpertsWhoSpeak.org  and www.AndreaReynolds.com. ~ ~ ~ ~


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Mike Moore's PROFITABLE SPEAKING - August edition # 10
The Art of Storytelling in Public Speaking

It is important for speakers to remember that human beings have an insatiable appetite for stories. From the time we were children when we constantly asked our parents to, " Tell me a story" until the present time nothing has changed. We love to listen to and tell stories.

Life is filled with experiences and when we share these experiences we are telling stories. When we listen to the experiences of others we are sharing their stories. Can you imagine life without stories? What would we talk about?

To validate this human hunger for stories all you have to do is observe what happens when you meet an old friend you haven't seen for some time. The first thing you want to do is find out what they've been up to. This is a request to be told stories.

At a party all ears perk up when someone says, " Did you hear what happened to Judy?"

In Church a boring sermon suddenly comes alive when the preacher begins to tell a story.

You come home from work after an exciting or frustrating day at the office and the first thing you say is " You'll never guess what happened to me today." As soon as these words leave your lips you have peoples' attention. If you doubt this try saying, " Oh I'm sure you'd rather not hear this." and see them beg to be told your story.

This natural hunger for stories provides speakers and writers with a powerful magnetic tool to connect with and hold our audiences. NEVER give a speech without sprinkling it with generous doses of stories.

Stories inform, entertain and grab peoples' attention. Use them often and effectively.

This is a brief excerpt from Mike's 60 minute audio " How to Use Storytelling In Public Speaking" To order your own copy visit http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps2


Life has been quite an adventure for Mark Black. From the day he was born and flown to the IWK Children's Hospital for emergency open-heart surgery, to his life-saving heart-lung transplant, Mark has seen a lot in his short life.

Born in Moncton New Brunswick Canada, Mark received his BA in English from Mount Allison University. He then began an Education degree at UNB when a congenital cardiac illness forced him to put his education on hold. Mark was immediately listed for a risky heart and double lung transplant.

After five months on the list, Mark's condition grew worse and he was admitted to hospital where he lived for six months. Finally, on September 7th 2002 Mark received his life-saving gift. Since that time, Mark has been blessed and is doing remarkably well. This week, less than a year after his surgery, Mark is competing in four events at the World Transplant Games in Nancy France.

Mark is a motivational/inspirational speaker who draws on his experiences as a transplant survivor to inspire you to Live your Best Life! Mark's topics include:
  • Obstacles are just Opportunities in Disguise: The power of positive thinking
  • If you Believe it, you can Achieve it!: turning your dreams into goals
  • Mining for Leaders: How to find the Leader within
  • The Gift of Life: How anyone can save a life with the power of organ donation.
On September 7th, the anniversary of his life-saving transplant, Mark will celebrate by speaking at his alma mater Mount Allison University, as their Orientation Speaker.

Mark has spoken to thousands of people from across Canada. If you are interested in hiring Mark to speak at your next meeting or conference, you can contact him at:

Mark Black Speaks
45 Silverstone Drive
Phone: 506-855-5257
Moncton, New Brunswick
Email: MarkBlack78@hotmail.com
Canada E1G 1G8

Website: www.markblack.0catch.com

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These tips will be different from the series offered as Terrific Tips from my autobot responder.

This month's feature article is by one of our readers, Theresa Vogel

By Theresa Vogel

For many of us, speaking in public doesn't come easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to stand before an audience to speak, sing, or act. Mark Twain once said, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear."

For many years, I have had various people say to me that I should be a public speaker. Since the beginning of my life, I have overcome adversity and they thought I should share my knowledge and experiences. I would shake my head and tell them no way, I would feel too uncomfortable speaking in public. Over the years though, after some encouragement from friends and employers, I decided it might be beneficial to take the plunge into public speaking. I would put myself in environments where I could practice speaking in public. I was in Toastmasters for a few years and earned my CTM (Competent Toastmaster) award. This was a good start.

I began having speaking opportunities more often. On one occasion, I was asked by the pastor of the church I attended to give a testimony of my faith in front of about 3,000 people. A few years later, I taught school and sang in front of audiences. I realized the more often I spoke or sang in front of groups, the more comfortable I became. Not only that, but I was actually having fun. The fear of speaking wasn't gone, just under control.

There are a few things I learned on how to tame the fear of public speaking:

  • Know what I am talking about
    • Research my topic
  • Practice, but not too much
    • Rehearse at least a couple of times in front of a mirror or in front of good friends who can critique me.
    • Time the talk so I speak in the allotted time given.
  • Be myself and enjoy the audience
    • I'm usually an out going, friendly person. I enjoy using humor and telling stories during my talks. An audience enjoys humor and stories and I have yet to be hit with a tomato or other assorted vegetables. The audience is my friend.
  • Breathe and Pray
    • If I'm feeling nervous before a speech, I take a deep breath, hold for a couple of seconds and then exhale. I might do this a couple of times. Saying a quick prayer centers and calms me.

Speaking in public does get easier. The more speaking you do the easier it will become. Having the support of friends and family helps too. The goals and dreams we seek require courage and risk-taking. Learn from the turtle - it only makes progress when it sticks out its neck.

Theresa Vogel, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Vocalist, Writer,
Life's Tapestry,
tv302@rconnect.com ,
Ph: 530-275-9864


If you visit my site http://www.speakforprofit.com you will see that it has been redesigned. I have also included a few FREE items for visitors. One is a free 5 week course called "
The Launching Pad to Profitable Speaking".
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Until next month keep talking and keep in touch. Mike

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Mike Moore's PROFITABLE SPEAKING - July edition # 9

Public Speaking and The Law of Expectations
by Mike Moore

The Law of Expectations states that we move toward and eventually realize what we expect from life. If you expect to be successful, if you work hard to achieve success and if you never give up, you will achieve your expectations.

When you combine the law of expectations with visualization you compound your possibilities. If you expect to be successful and visualize yourself as successful the likelihood of you achieving success is certain. Remember, we tend to become what we expect to become.

When applied to public speaking it looks like this. When you are hired to give a speech expect it to be a sparkling, enthusiastic success. Visualize yourself as an interesting, witty, well informed master of the art who totally enjoys the subject and the audience. Hold this expectation and vision in your mind firmly. Don't let go of it for anything. Repeat over and over," I tend to become what I expect to become and achieve what I expect to achieve."

If you commit yourself to this process you will begin to see improvement in both your delivery and in your relationship with your audience. You will be on the way to becoming the speaker you want to become. What's more, people will want to listen to what you have to say and your charisma quotient will increase significantly. It worked for me and it will for you.

* This is a brief excerpt from Mike Moore's 60 minute audio " Up Your Pizzazz" ( How to Become a Charismatic Speaker)ORDER Now at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps2


Hi, Mike, thanks for this generous offer. I have been speaking for several years about how to market cheaply and effectively (I've written three books on that subject, including the award-winning Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World). With my new book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, I am branching out into speaking about succeeding as an ethical, cooperative business. Among the "radical" common-sense ideas in the book: your competitors can become your best marketing allies; market share is far less important than profitability; businesses that are *truly* clued in to their customers will thrive, while those that pretend to be will not; doing the right thing may feel expensive, but can save your company in a crisis. I have lined up my first speaking gig on this new topic and I'm thrilled.  Shel Horowitz

Send your questions to Shel Horowitz - copywriter, marketing consultant, author, speaker Affordable, ethical, effective marketing materials and strategies "ETHICAL, cooperative businesses THRIVE and PROSPER" mailto:shel@principledprofits.com * 800-683-WORD/413-586-2388 http://www.principledprofits.com / http://www.frugalmarketing.com Books: Grassroots Marketing, Principled Profit, others

Live Better, Laugh More! FREE to our readers... Speaker Mike Moore's latest e-book, " The Healing Power of Laughter"  Download at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?laughmore  "If it feels good to laugh,  laugh to feel good"

Terrific Tip

Structuring the Room

I find that I am more comfortable speaking when the chairs are arranged in a half moon shape with a large aisle down the middle. There is something too formal and stiff about theatre style seating. If the audience is large then I have three aisles, one down the middle and one on each side. When I am speaking I move within the audience making certain the I give each aisle equal time. I just find that a half moon is more intimate and intimacy with my audience is important to me. I don't like being above them ( on a stage) or too far from them.

For motivation in a fun package hire Mike as a Speaker for your next event

Visit Mike's Speaking site at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps1

What I have been up to.

Back to the Ottawa Valley

I recently returned from my second visit to the Ottawa Valley ( Renfrew County). Once again I had a great time. The people in Beachburg Ont. and Cobden Ont. were wonderful and so co-operative.  We laughed and sang and had fun and they were very receptive to my message. A huge thank you to all especially Barb and Noble who opened their hearts and their beautiful farm to me. I can hardly wait to return.

  • June 10 Key note address to the Annual Conference of Community Care Access in Ontario. It was held at the International Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Toronto. Six hundred people welcomed me generously with their laughter and attention. Great time.

Since giving this keynote I have been invited to speak to two other similar groups. Isn't word of mouth great?

  • July 15/ 16 Tops International Conference ( keynote) Congress Centre Ottawa ON Canada. There will be 3500 in attendance and I am looking forward to meeting them and sharing my message that Laughter makes great things happen. Will keep you posted.

Write an article for Profitable Speaking

If you have an article you would like me to publish on some aspect of speaking please send it along to me. Keep it under 500 words and do sign you name and provide contact information so interested readers can get in touch. Send to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

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We have readers from all over the planet. How about writing and telling us something about yourself . Keep it brief, 2 or 3 paragraphs. I'm sure our readers would be interested. I know I would. M.

Reader Contributions

The following letter from fellow speaker Tammy Adams validates my belief in the power of word of mouth advertising.

Hi Mike Two things.  First, thanks for printing my article in your Lifeline newsletter.  A gentleman wrote and asked permission to use my material in a presentation and also in his newsletter.  Second, always excited to pass on good feedback.  Doug and I were at the St. George Arms last night for dinner and overheard someone talking who had been at one of your presentations.  He said you were great and people didn't stop laughing from beginning to end..... congratulations on a consistent presence.  Your name seems to be popping up in a lot of conversations lately. Your out there! Way to go.  Tammy

Tammy is a Canadian speaker who lives in our area. Visit her site at www.yourturningpoint.com.

Thanks for passing this on to me Tammy.

You can subscribe to Mike's Lifeline newsletter at http://www.motivationalplus.com

Designed to give your life a lift and a laugh.

Downloadable information products from Mike's Motivational Publications at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?information

  • How to Overcome Shyness and Connect With People
  • How to Cope With Difficult People at Work
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure
  • How to Write and Sell Your Own Information Products
  • How to Use Humour in Public Speaking

FREE TO OUR READERS: Receive a free copy of Mike's 45 minute motivational tape, "Live Laugh love and Be Happy" with every purchase of one or more of the above items.


Special Report "How to Improve Staff Morale Using Humor, Appreciation and Praise" by Mike Moore

Until next time keep talking and keep in touch.  Mike

Mike Moore's PROFITABLE SPEAKING - June edition # 8

When You Give, You Receive.

Yesterday I returned home from giving two presentations on the healing power of humor to the people in the Ottawa Valley here in Ontario Canada. It was a fund raising event to help them raise money for their community health center. I waived my fees so that the total amount raised could go to supporting the cause. The talks went very well and the people were receptive and fun to be with. After my talks I was approached by three people from the audience asking me if I would consider doing workshops with the companies they work for. They took my business card and told me I would be hearing from them.

On arriving home I checked my phone messages and discovered that I had two additional inquiries re. possible speaking engagements. It is becoming more obvious to me all the time that when you give freely, you receive abundantly. Keep that in mind as you begin your speaking career.

Little Things Mean A Lot
By Mike Moore

While I am always on the lookout for ways to market myself as a speaker it is often a time consuming task and one I am not overly fond of. Once in awhile, however, something you do inadvertently turns out to be an effective marketing strategy. Let me explain.

Last summer I was driving alone through Northern Ontario, Canada on my way to Lake Superior country for my annual solo camping trip. I do this once a year to find solitude and peace in the beauty of nature and to recharge my emotional batteries . As I was driving through a small town between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie I passed an insurance business which I knew was owned by the family of a young woman I had gone to College with many years before. I began to reminisce and wondered where Margaret was and what had happened to her since college days. On the spur of the moment I pulled into the parking lot, went in and met her brother who had taken over the business after their Father had retired.

After discovering that my friend from college was alive and well and now a director of education in Southern Ontario I gave her brother my card with a request to tell Margaret that I had dropped in and was asking for her. I continued on my way north.

One year later I received a call from Margaret telling me that her brother had indeed given her my message. After a long conversation, during which we caught up on all the news, Margaret invited me to conduct a one day seminar with her administration and office staff. I agreed and we started making plans and fleshing out the details of the day.

The day took place on the 16th of April/03 and went very well. For my efforts I was wined, dined and housed in a very nice hotel. Best of all, I not only received my full fee for a one day seminar, but also received a very healthy order for 250 copies of my books.

If I hadn't stopped on a whim to inquire about a college friend from years ago I would have missed out on a full day seminar at full fee, a healthy order for my books and a glowing testimonial letter from a satisfied school board official.

The lesson? Those little unassuming, spur of the moment gestures of interest in others often open doors of opportunity for you that you hadn't even give a thought to.

Mike Moore is an international speaker on the role of appreciation, praise and humor in maximizing human potential. http://www.speakforprofit.com

Feel free to use this article in your newsletter or on your website provided that you keep contact information as is.

Terrific Tip

When sending out promotional material to newspapers, organizations and businesses always address the envelope by hand. I have found that when a hand written piece of mail comes to me I open it without hesitation. When a typed envelope arrives in my mailbox I always assume it's junk mail and often toss it. Personalizing the address also helps. If you know the name of the person to whom your information is directed use it in the address. It also increases the likelihood of it being opened and read. It might take a bit of effort to discover the name of the receiver but it is worth the effort. Personalism pays off.

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If you visit my site http://www.speakforprofit.com you will see that it has been redesigned. I have also included a few FREE items for visitors. One is a free 5 week course called

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If you would like to take a look at my webpage with Experts Who Speak you can do so at

http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?artcen This type of site connects me with people interested in speakers who have one specific niche. Mine , for this site, happens to be Therapeutic Humor and Humor in the Workplace. When interested people visit my Experts Who Speak site and want to get in touch with me about a possible engagement they can do so by following the instructions found there. It is just another way to spread the message to the masses.


Hi Mike,

I must tell you I love your sense of humor and your artistic abilities.

You get your message across in a way that entertains while making the lesson stick.

I am an UP and COMER who has spent the last 20 + years travelling around the world working and studying with some of the best healers, teachers, saints and psychics who want to teach people how to heal.

I have worked with all ages dealing with anger, fear, health, relationship, job, suicidal issues and more, often creating something totally new for a particular client never to be used again.

I am always asked, "Why isn't that taught in schools?" Or, "Why isn't there a club we can go to learn all this?"

So the club has begun and I asked the universe to send me a mentor to teach me how to market and fund it. Two days later I was accepted in Robert Allen's mentoring program and my mentor triggered my next experience.

The What Would LOVE DO? Foundation was conceived to be the umbrella for my club and other projects. My not for profit club, for all ages from schoolyard to graveyard was incorporated,

Mission statement is...

To unite and empower all people to better love themselves so they in turn can better love and serve the rest of humanity and the planet.

Thank you for your wonderful work and inspiration.

Caroline McIntosh, S.E Spiritual Electrician Reaching into people's hearts to turn their light on!. whatwouldlovedo@cyberbeach.net 705-969-2019


Please drop by and visit my revamped speaker's site Motivational Plus. I have changed the page to focus on my most popular niches Humor in the Workplace and Humor and Wellness. Take a look.


DON'T FORGET!! To send me your questions and concerns about getting started in the speaking business. I am more than willing to lend a hand. mailto:mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

Until next month keep talking and keep in touch. Mike

Mike Moore's PROFITABLE SPEAKING - May edition # 7

The Profitable World of Self Publishing for Speakers
By Mike Moore

Five years ago I was a professional speaker desperately in need of my own book. After each presentation members of my audience would approach me and ask if had a book or a tape for sale. The need was obvious. The market existed. All I needed to do was write a book and bring it to my audiences. This is how my first book was born.

I wrote nonstop for two months and finally had it written and illustrated with my own original cartoons. The question facing me now was who would be chosen from among thousands of publishers to bring my masterpiece to the waiting, eager multitudes. After many submissions to numerous publishing houses and many rejection slips, I finally found one who agreed to publish my book. The problem was that they couldn't get around to it for about a year and a half. I would receive 20% of the retail cost of each copy sold and would have to do most of the promotion myself. It seems that I wasn't a big name author therefore didn't merit promotion.

This arrangement just wasn't satisfactory. I needed the book as soon as possible and I wanted to receive more than 20% of each copy sold. It was then that I decided to enter the world of self publishing and started Motivational Plus Publications.

Five hundred copies of Embracing the Mystery were printed as a test run and I sold them all within the year as " back of the room" items at my speeches and seminars. Since I wasn't on the road speaking 365 days of the year I wanted to have my book available for purchase seven days a week whether I was speaking or not. I had my webmaster create a store for me and connect it to my speaking website. I was in business.

With well chosen and well directed advertising online and off I began to receive orders in my mailbox and by email. As sales increased so did the number of published items in my store. At present I have numerous information products, manuals, books, tapes, and special reports available for purchase.

In my first year as a publishing tycoon I sold 300 copies of my products online alone and another 100 offline. Add these sales to those at my talks and you can see that I was off and running as a self publisher. The orders seem to increase in number each month.

Writers are no longer dependent on the acceptance and approval of editors and publishers. Using the internet as well as offline classified ads in popular magazines you can bring your writing directly to a wide and eager market. People are always seeking " how to" information. In fact the most sought after items on the internet are information products. So if you research peoples' needs, wants and interests then write to satisfy them you are going to sell effectively..

Self publishing is simple and cost effective especially if you print on demand. You don't print a copy of your product until you get an order for that product. By doing this you avoid the cost of having 500 copies printed plus having to find storage space in your already cluttered basement.

If you have the writing bug and have received enough rejection slips to wallpaper a bedroom, try self publishing. When that first order comes in you will feel great satisfaction and a surge of self confidence which will, inevitably, result in more sales. You will be on your way to conquering the world of self publishing. GOOD LUCK!

Mike Moore is an international speaker and writer on humor and human potential. You can take a look at Mike's books, manuals, tapes and reports at http://www.motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps2

Terrific Tip

Writing a monograph

If you don't have sufficient background material to write a book I would suggest that you begin with a monograph. A monograph consists of about 15 to 20 double spaced type written pages on a topic related to one of your speeches. Don't have identical material to that found in your talk. Have the monograph expand the content of a talk so that your audience is getting more information on the topic and not just the same content.


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Dawn Fields' life purpose is to motivate millions of people to start living their life's purpose so they can live a life full of happiness and prosperity.

You may visit Your Life's Purpose website at http://www.yourlifespurpose.com. Make sure you sign up for the inspiring newsletter by sending a blank email to mailto:yourlifespurpose-subscribe@topica.com and pick up a copy of "How to Discover Your Life's Purpose."

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I would like to give away free copies of my new booklet How to Cope with Difficult People at Work. to the first 15 people who send me an email with " Cope" in the subject line. I will send you a pdf file of the booklet as soon as I receive your request.. If you like it and would like to order extra copies email me at mikemoore@speakforprofit.com.  Quantity rates are available.

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Danish Ahmed for sending me a copy of his latest book "A Dictionary of Distinctions" and his latest CD. I enjoyed both very much Danish. Check them out at http://www.ordinarywords.com

Sue Paulson for a copy of her " Tips and Tools to Speak With Confidence" I am reading the book and look forward to watching and listening to the CD.  http://www.fingertipsolutions.com/speakwithconfidence


Last month I told you about Dorothy Pedersen the writer/publicist I am doing business with. I gave you an incorrect website link. Here is the correct link http://www.WritingDoneRight.com Drop by for a visit.

Until next month keep talking and keep in touch. I'm here to help you on the path to profitable speaking. Just drop me a note. Mike

Mike Moore’s PROFITABLE SPEAKING  -  April edition #6

Who is this newsletter directed to?

Profitable Speaking is designed for those who would like to become a professional speaker and don't know where and how to begin. While many of the tips and articles will be helpful to any established speaker the main thrust is for those interested in getting started in the speaking business and in getting paid to speak. I don't say that you will become a $10,000 per hour speaker but I do say that some of you might have that potential and beyond.

Up Your Platform Pizzazz
By Mike Moore

People are drawn to a speaker with pizzazz, that spark of enthusiasm and excitement about life that makes being in their presence a joy. Speakers with pizzazz smile easily and often and laugh with great energy and pleasure. It feels good to be alive and in their company. You want to hear what they have to say and take home what they have to sell. Speakers with pizzazz don't have to be loud and boisterous. They can be quietly positive and enthusiastic, appreciating the moment with whomever they happen to share it. They listen attentively, care deeply and respond to life and to others generously. They are gifts to any audience.

The late Leo Buscaglia, a man of great pizzazz, tells of meeting a woman who lacked this gift. She had a perpetual angry frown on her face and was miserable most of the time. Leo looked at her and asked how she was feeling. She glared at him and barked, " Just fine!!" " Good, now if you would only tell that to your face," Leo replied.

How to Develop Your own Pizzazz
  • You have to want to.
  • Associate with positive, happy, enthusiastic people.
  • Begin looking at life and speaking about it optimistically.
  • Develop a sense of humour. Remember, you aren't born with a sense of humour you develop it.
  • People are attracted to those with a keen sense of humour so become a HUMOUR HOUND. Look for humour everywhere and enjoy it when it is discovered.
  • Avoid negative self talk. Speak positively to yourself about yourself and to others about themselves.
  • Show an genuine interest in the people you are with.
  • Learn to enjoy the present moment. Audiences respond positively to a speaker who obviously enjoys being with them at that moment.
  • Be enthusiastic about everything and everyone.
  • Have fun. Life is too short not to.

** This is a brief excerpt from my 60 minute audio " Improving Your Platform Pizzazz" Available in CD or cassette from http://www.speakforprofit.com.

Terrific Tip

This tip was submitted by a reader Dick Larkin

"Insert funny comments into your everyday conversation. It catches people off guard, and they start to think of you as being really humorous. For example, on every telephone call on Mondays, I manage to squeeze in "Thank God it's Monday." It always gets a smile, positive reaction, or at least a "huh?".

When holding a door open for someone, they'll automatically say thanks. I respond with, "No charge".

To come up with your own saying, simply take a phrase you normally say and twist it around to the opposite.

We're drawn to people who make us smile or laugh. Life is short, live it up.

 Dick Larkin VP - Internet TransWestern Publishing Sign up for Dick's very funny newsletter at http://dicklarkin.twpsite.com Dick Larkin email: Dick@DickLarkin.com Web: www.DickLarkin.com Sign up to get my free weekly newsletter. http://www.dicklarkin.twpsite.com It includes a generous helping of laughs with a dollop of advice.


Always invite members of your audience to pick up their free handout at your product table before they leave.

A handout can be a one or two page tips sheet related to the information covered in your presentation. The purpose of this free gift is to get them to visit your table and, once there, purchase what you have for sale. People can't resist a free gift.


If you visit my site http://www.speakforprofit.com you will see that it has been redesigned. I have also included a few FREE items for visitors. One is a free 5 week course called

The Launching Pad to Profitable Speaking. You can enroll by sending a blank email to mailto:launching@sendfree.com

Another in a series of Terrific Tips For Speakers. One tip is sent weekly for seven weeks. Send a blank email to mailto:terrifictips@freeautobot.com

ALSO you can receive a FREEcopy of my latest report 35 Humorous One Liners For Speakers at http://www.speakforprofit.com/PDF/oneliners.pdf

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I would like to include a new segment in this newsletter committed to promoting UP AND COMERS. Send me a one paragraph outline of your speaking service plus contact info and I will publish it in our newsletter. Send to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com Put UP AND COMERS in the subject line.


I am pleased to be able to introduce you to Heidi Pfleger , our first " Up And Comer" Heidi is a friend of mine who has pizzazz in abundance. When Heidi speaks people listen.

This month's featured Up and Comer is Heidi C. Pfleger, professional speaker and Yoga Teacher "Extraordinaire". What makes Heidi "Extraordinaire" is her zest for life, optimism, vitality, wisdom and wit as well as her extensive training in Yoga, Wellness and Corporate Training.

Along with teaching individuals how to deepen their body-mind-spirit experience "on the mat", Heidi extends her knowledge, expertise and skill by helping individuals and corporations bring that experience "off the mat" and take it a vital step further - into every day living, both personally and professionally.

If you're looking for ways to alleviate chronic pain, improve your health, increase your levels of energy, enthusiasm and vitality, find your life's purpose, enhance your personal and professional performance and/or even improve your golf game, Heidi's the person to contact. Her knowledge, insight and wit are expansive.

As a professional speaker, Heidi offers words of wit and wisdom on topics including: "Off the Mat: Bringing the Practice of Yoga into Everyday Life", "Poised for Living", "Wellness 101: 101 Ways to Increase Your Contentment and Prosperity in Life", "Yoga and Golf - Now and Zen", "Passion and Prosperity - Forging Your Own Personal Path", as well as "Freedom to Fly: Soaring to Greater Heights Personally and Professionally".

If you're interested in finding out more about Heidi's programs, or to subscribe to her quarterly newsletter, contact her at heidiho@execulink.com or call her at (519) 442-5014. A chat with her will certainly motivate you to bring wellness and zest into your life.

Stay tuned for more information on her website which is currently under construction and expected to be launched by May 1st, 2003.

"Energize the Body, Relax the Mind, Rejuvenate the Spirit"

Congratulations to Margo in Wisconsin for coming first in her Toastmasters speaking contest. WELL DONE, Margo.

Visit my speaking service site at http://motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps1

Until next month..... Keep Talking! Mike

Mike Moore's PROFITABLE SPEAKING  -  March edition #5

The Value of Memory Devices in Recalling Content

I am one speaker who doesn’t like to stand behind a podium and refer to notes. I usually refer to my notes once or twice during a speech. That’s it.  I do think that checking your notes a couple of times gives the audience the feeling that you are well planned and on course. Constantly referring to them gives the opposite impression.

So how do I recall the content of my talks?  I use memory aids.  Here is an example.  I recently gave a presentation to a group of 600 highschool students on setting and achieving their goals. I jotted down the 6 content points and developed a word based on them. Each letter of my word reminded me of a specific content thread. The word I came up with was READS. R stood for respect and responsibility.  E. for enthusiasm and encouragement. A stood for attitude. D.for desire, drive and determination. S.reminded me of self confidence and self esteem.  Once I knew the word I was off and running. Give it a try. It really works.

Terrific Tips

Speaking for below fee.

The other day I was approached by a group to speak to their annual conference. They didn’t have a huge budget for the speaker so they found my fee a bit much.  Before the woman hung up I asked how many people would be attending and from what walks of life they would come. There would be 400 people from business and industry.  I then asked how close her organization could come to paying me my full fee. It turned out to be about %75 of the full fee.  I agreed to speak for these reasons:

I had no other booking that day. 
If the people liked my style and content I was bound to pick up a few full fee engagements.
They agreed to send a press release to area papers and radio stations announcing my talk and promoting my message. 
When you consider the extended value of my accepting the engagement you can understand why I agreed to speak for %75 of my fee. It beats %75 of nothing.

Humorous Quotes to Brighten Your Day,
Enlighten Your Life and Add Zip to your Talks

by Mike Moore

As many of you know, I speak about the practical uses of humor in our lives and in our relationships at home, at work, and at play. 95% of all the requests I receive to speak have to do with this subject.

George Bernard Shaw once said that if you find something funny search it for hidden truth.  Here are few pearls of wisdom packaged in humour. Enjoy and use them in your presentations if suitable.
  1. You wouldn't worry what people thought about you if you only knew how seldom they did.
  2. To expect life to treat you fairly because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge you because you're a vegetarian.
  3. Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do, but won't get you anywhere.
  4. Pain and suffering are a lot like gas....they too shall pass.
  5. Always borrow money from a pessimist. They don't expect to be paid back.
  6. Anyone who says that swimming is good for the figure has never taken a real good look at a whale.
  7. A bore is always "ME" deep in conversation.
  8. Some people think their lives are full, when really they're just cluttered.
  9. If at first you don't succeed, try not to be amazed.
  10. A leader without a sense of humour is like a grass cutter at a cemetery. You have a lot of people under you paying absolutely no attention.

Live Better....Laugh More


If you have a speaking tip that works for you please share it with our readers.  Each tip can be accompanied by either a URL or an email address. mikemoore@speakforprofit.com


I have recently published a 16 page tips booklet called “ How to Cope with Difficult People at Work.” If fits nicely into a #10 business envelope to help reduce postage costs. By sending a free copy of the booklet along with a cover letter to human resource directors I plan on using this little booklet to promote my speaking business and to generate multiple copy sales. Individual copies of the booklet cost $5.00.  The more you order the lower the per copy cost. I will keep you posted on how it’s working out.

The title of this booklet is one of the most frequently requested  seminars.

If you would like a copy of How to Cope with Difficult People at Work  send me $4.00 using paypal and I will get a copy out to you ASAP. 


In order to offer discounts to the readers of Profitable Speaking I have joined www.paypal.com  It is impossible for me to offer a discount from my store as it is set up to register a specific price on a specific product. There is little flexibility.

Using Paypal allows me to offer you bargains and you to send me funds directly and immediately for any item you are interested in purchasing.  All you do is visit  http://www.paypal.com 
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The email address to use to send payment is mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

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Since I began offering my free ebook The Healing Power of Laughter to visitors to my sites I have had 250 downloads.  If you haven’t received your copy visit http://www.motivationalplus.com/cgi/a/t.cgi?ps1   And download now.    LAUGHTER MAKES GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.

Until next month, keep talking. Thanks. Mike

Mike Moore is a professional speaker who delivers humorous,entertaining and informative keynote speeches and motivational seminars across Canada and the United States.  He also is committed to helping aspiring speakers enter the exciting, profitable world of public speaking.
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