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public speaking cartoons

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Cartoons for Speakers

I use my cartoons in my speeches all the time.  They are valuable aids to capture audience attention and promote the retention of material covered in your speech. They are also great discussion starters in seminars.

I will be adding my own cartoons to this page frequently so drop back to check out the new arrivals. If you want to use a cartoon in one of your presentations email me for permission at

public speaking cartoonscartoons for public speakers

public speaking humorhumour in public speaking

motivational cartoonspublic speaking humor

If you would like these cartoons  on a CD for your use and enjoyment drop me a note and we can make arrangements for a very reasonable fee.
They can be sent to you in crisp, clear jpeg format or as hard copies.

How to Use Cartoon Humor in Public Speaking

I have been drawing and selling my own cartoons for about 35 years and have used them in just about every speech I’ve ever given. There is something about funny cartoons that captivates an audience and helps a public speaker get a point across quickly and effectively. For example, I was planning a seminar on the value of appreciation and praise in the workplace when I got the idea for this cartoon. In this cartoon I have a worker standing before a back patting device in his office. For 25 cents you can have this machine give you a much needed pat on the back. The worker is about to receive his pat on the back as he thinks, “ Oh well, it’s a start.” Check out cartoon # 27 at This specific cartoon helps stimulate discussion on the value of appreciation and praise in the workplace.  I encourage you as a speaker to use cartoons in your talks. If you can’t draw them yourself, collect them for use in your speeches. Always try to seek permission from the cartoonist before you use one of their cartoons.


More cartoons available at

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Cartoons in Public Speaking

Mike Moore is a professional speaker who delivers humorous,entertaining and informative keynote speeches and motivational seminars across Canada and the United States.  He also is committed to helping aspiring speakers enter the exciting, profitable world of public speaking.
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