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Magnetize Your Memos, Messages, Handouts, Lessons, and Presentations with Cartoons

Your message can go in the bubble or in the white space around the image.

cartoons in advertising
Mike Moore's Cartoons For
Office Memos,
Bulletin Boards,
Church Bulletins,
Family Messages ON THE FRIDGE DOOR,
Thank You Notes
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Magnetize your memos, messages and presentations
with cartoons
cartoons in ads


  Magnetize the
  POWER of Your Messages, Memos, Ads,Promotions, Presentations and Web Pages Using Simple Cartoons

 Just what is a cartoon shell?
A cartoon shell is a humorous cartoon with space assigned for your message or memo or speech content.

Your message will go in the bubble below. You can also use  the white space around the image to insert text.
To add text you just go to Paint( a common photo editing software) Click on the add text button and insert text. Then save  the changes you made.
See the cartoons below to see this in action.

advertise with cartoons

You can use any photo editing software to make changes to the text.

*  One cartoon on a promotional flier, message or memo makes sure that  it's  read.
*  You message attractions attention.

Example #2

"Cartoons make you and your message stand out in a crowd."

cartoon ad

Dear Friend

As many of you know I am a Professional Speaker/Cartoonist who uses my own cartoons in all my presentations , advertising and promotion activities. I also use them in my memos, messages to clients, newsletters, websites etc.

They really work for me.  Clients always comment how they were drawn to my cartoons. ( No pun intended)

Why Use Cartoons ???

1.  Not only do cartoons get your message across but they also get and maintain audience attention.

2.  Cartoons keep people on your page longer and direct their attention to a specific item or offer.  They are also great at creating a sense of urgency.

3. They make you and your message stand out and in a world where we are exposed to hundreds of bland messages daily standing out is important.

4. Cartoons are fun and people are attracted to what's fun.

5. We were all raised on cartoons and  still find them captivating.

6. People will remember you, your message, product and service because of your humorous ad.

7. Cartoons are effective marketing tools. They make both you and your product unique.

8. Cartoons entertain, inform and persuade in a gentle yet compelling manner.

9. Cartoons are great ice breakers at a meeting or conference. They relax the audience, lighten  the atmosphere, and make your reader/audience more receptive to you and your message.

10.  Cartoons deliver your message to your audience quickly.

Note: The New Yorker Magazine did a readership survey and found that the first thing their subscribers read was the cartoons.

If you want people to remember you and your message,product or service  include a few cartoons in your handouts, memos and your speeches/lessons.

80%  of a speaker's  daily tasks involve promotion and there is no more effective way to promote yourself than with cartoons.

                             Promotion Strategies Using Cartoons

1.  Use cartoons on your printed ads, fliers etc.

2.  Have a cartoon on your business card

3.  Use 10-15 cartoons  in a booklet to give as a gift to customers. ( minimal printing cost - maximum gain)

4.  Hand out cartoon CDS to your customers/clients as a promo item.

5. Use cartoons to make your webpage come alive and keep potential clients on your site longer.

6.  When you promote an event or sale use cartoons on your posters.

7.  Never  create an ad without a funny cartoon.

8. Just before your speech ends  project a cartoon on the screen  that promotes your speaking service and gives your contact information.

9.  Use a cartoon on promotional items like those listed below.
Office Memos
business cards,
web sites
note pads
mouse pads

10. In all communication with friends, clients and customers use a cartoon.

When your payment is received you will be taken to a download page where you can access your cartoons.

  You will receive a file containing over 30 cartoon shells as individual jpeg files for your immediate use.
All you have to do is open a specific cartoon shell in PAINT or any other photo editing saftware,  write your message in the space provided or anywhere  around the cartoon, save it and then insert it where you will.

How do I do that, Mike?

Just use any photo editing software ( I use Paint) to erase existing content and insert your own  text message.

When your message is included you can print a hard copy or you can export to an email or webpage.

You can also enlarge or reduce the size of each cartoon.

Remember that the writing you see in these cartoons can be  erased and replaced with your message.

The Latest

advertise with cartoons

cartoon ads
This cartoon is an ad for my book
Light Up With Laughter
ads in cartoons\

This is designed to get people to sign up for my newsletter
cartoon ads
I use this to advertise my Special Report
advertising cartoons
I use this to direct potential buyers to the Order Now button on a web page.
Any of these cartoon drawings can be used with your specific message included and mine removed.

ad cartoons
I use this caricature of me on all my web pages
advertise with cartoons
Your message can go in a bubble above the character's head
advertise with cartoons
This  appears on both my home pages.  You can provide your own unique message by erasing the text  and inserting your own.

           Your message can be inserted in the drawing of your choice and your contact info and logo written below the cartoon.

funny ads
humorous ads
advertise with cartoons

This could be used on a web page to direct a reader
effective ads

I use this to promote one of my audio systems

cartoon ads

This could be adjusted to advertise for trainers, consultants and speakers
advertising with cartoons
Also trainers, consultants and speakers
Start Magnetizing Your Memos and Messages

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internet ads
This cartoon ad depicts urgency and can be used to get people rushing to your offer on a web page or place of business.

Example of a caption: 
" I haven't got much time to take advantage of......"

about ads

This little cartoon gets people to open whatever mailing you send them.
It can be run off on your printer as a label.

effective ads
This cartoon was purchased by a Toronto  On-site
Massage Business

ad cartoon
This shows how cartoon #14 can be suited to a specific business.

classified ads

This would be good for financial planners
display ads

Ideal for an ad promoting womens' cosmetics or make-up
Remember that the writing you see in these cartoons can be  erased and replaced with your message.

effective ads

A good time management ad cartoon

great ads

This could be used to advertise an event or a service.

funny cartoon ad
This cartoon would be effective in a health care, fitness or stress ad.
It would be nice to send as a staff appreciation note. 

ad cartoons
The cartoon caption  can be changed to suit your product, service or event.

ad cartoon

ad cartoons
If you are a speaker, trainer or consultant you can present your content using a cartoon shell like the one I use above.
You can then fill in the shell using your own content.
effective ads


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You will be sent,
immediately, to a download page to access your  Cartoon Shells
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Mike Moore is a professional speaker who delivers humorous,entertaining and informative keynote speeches and motivational seminars across Canada and the United States.  He also is committed to helping aspiring speakers enter the exciting, profitable world of public speaking.

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