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A Warm Hello to you all.
Well it has been a very busy month.  I recently returned from Ottawa, Ontario Canada where I gave a full day training session to the billing Department Staff of Bell Canada.   The people were fantastic and the day went very well.

My presentation to the Retirement homes managers and CEOS in Kirkland Lake Ontario was not only fun and rewarding but provided my wife Carol and I an opportunity to visit her family in Timmins for a couple of days.  The autumn colors were beautiful and the sunny, crisp weather added to that wonderful Fall feeling one gets especially in Canada’s north country.

An Observation

Each month I write this newsletter for people who are serious about getting into the speaking business or who just want to improve their ability to speak in front of people.  I have about 3000 people on my subscriber list but I get the impression that only a small fraction of my readership is seriously interested in what I have to offer.

In an effort to weed out the tire kickers I have started a new list for those of you who really want to do well in the business of speaking.  To get your name on this list all you have to do is send a blank email to mailto:serious@sendfree.com   You will receive a series of 9 back  issues of Profitable Speaking plus any new issue that I write.  I just want to know who among the 3000 is really serious about the business of speaking so I can give special attention to them.

Speaking Tips

1.  By far the most frequently asked question I receive is this” How can I get more speaking jobs?  Here is what you can do.

Know your subject thoroughly.  Become an expert.

Be enthusiastic when delivering your presentation.

Tell stories to illustrate your key points.

Use humorous one-liners throughout your talk.

Have fun with your audience.

Over deliver great content.  Give then more than they expected to receive.

Give your audience the feeling that there is no other place you would rather be than there with them.

Do this and watch the power of word of mouth go to work for you and your career.

Here is another great tip.

2.  Go to your phonebook and look up associations, clubs and organizations.  Identify 10 you feel that your message would suit. 

Call the numbers and ask to speak to the person in charge of booking speakers for their monthly meetings. Make the calls with enthusiasm even if you are dying inside. 

One club I really recommend is the Rotary Club.  I never get paid to speak at their meetings  but the contacts I make there are invaluable.  All members are prominent business people in your community and if you do a great job and they like you, many will hire you to speak to their group, business or organization for a fee of course.


I would like to introduce you to one of your fellow speakers Anne Arsenault.

Anne is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), a writer of Healthy Living Articles and a Speaker on general health, children's health, or specific health topics.
You can find her book on http://www.amazon.com & http://www.healthbrights.com . For more information feel free to contact Anne at: http://www.healthbrights.com or at
 mailto: healthbrights@shaw.ca .


If you have a question you would like me to respond to email me at mailto:mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

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Quotes for Speakers

* Life is a lot like riding a bicycle.  You don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.

* People and pins are useless when they lose their heads.

* A true friend is someone who says nice things about you behind your back.

* A person who says it can’t be done is often interrupted by a person who is doing it. 

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Until next month. Keep speaking and stay in touch.    Mike

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