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Hi and Welcome to my Private Mentoring Membership Page

My name is Mike Moore and  I have a great  offer for you to consider.

So let's get to it... I am an active pro speaker and you obviously want to be.

Well... I would love to help you?

Each year I deliver between 25 and 35 talks throughout Canada and the USA
for $2500 a pop plus expenses plus the sale of my books and CDS.

Check my credibility

Each month I receive numerous requests for information on how to get started in the speaking
business from interested folk, just like you, throughout the world.
Because of this I have put together a personal mentoring membership site.

My Offer
For the very reasonable price of only $10.00 per month for ten months
you will receive 10 sessions with me on how to become a well paid motivational speaker 

A BONUS mp3 audio on Connecting with Your Audience Using Stories
You will have access to me via email for 12 months.
That's 2 extra months after the sessions are finished.
If you have a question or a concern you just have to email me
 and I will respond personally to you.

I am speaking to a group of social workers in this photo.

Why should I join private mentoring group?

* You will have personal access to everything I have written and recorded on the subject of public speaking


*I will be available to you personally via email. I will respond within a few hours at the most. I will also provide you with  my contact phone number  in case you would like to chat ear to ear.


* The price is right. Only $10.00 per month for ten months. That's less than the cost of a fast food lunch.


*You will be mentored by an active professional speaker with over 30 years of paid speaking under his belt.


I care about your success.

Plus( and this is a big one)

I will extend my email mentoring for two additional months after the ten month membership is finished.

So don't hesitate. Jump on board. I will be with you on  the road to speaking success.

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A 70 page manual you will receive as part of your subscription

Here's what you will receive in each of the 10 sessions

Session #1
A 60 minute mp3 audio  Mike Speaks on Speaking

#2  A pdf copy of 121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

#3  A
pdf file of How to Use Humour in Public Speaking

#4  A pdf file of 35 Ways to Get Speaking Engagements


#5  A pdf file of How to Write and Sell Your Own Information Products

#6  101 Funny One-liners for Use in Your Speeches + How to use them.

#7 A 70 page manual called Speaking for Profit and Pleasure

#8 mp3 audio Up Your Platform Pizza

#9  mp3 audio  How to Speak Smoothly Without Hesitation

#10 mp3 The Art of Magnetic Storytelling

What do I do after I have paid

When payment has been received you will be taken to a thank you/sign-up page
where you will be asked to complete a very simple form and click submit.
You are now subscribed and will start receiving the first of 10 sessions by email.

On the Thank You page you can access your BONUS mp3 audio on
How to Connect with Your Audience Using Storytelling

It is all very simple and easy.
Pay Using Paypal Below.
Only $10.00 per month for 10 months and you can cancel any time.
  Act Now as the price will be going up soon.

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Well Mike  has  not  delivered  just a   lunch  this  time   but a delightful smorgasbord  of  delights.  These  offerings in Speaking for Profit and Pleasure cut  right  to  the  chase   giving practical tips  that  are  sure to fill your  coffers . I  have  found  many  that   will  be used  to  great  advantage.  Thanks  Mike  for  such  a  great  spread !!!  John MacGillivary   of  Clowning  Formulas  


I just finished reading "Speaking for Profit and Pleasure " by Mike Moore.  What a GREAT resource!  He has written a very concise, no nonsense guide to helping you start a profitable speaking career.  I learned more from this e-book than the 4 other books I have read on subject of Public Speaking.  Great job and keep your e-books coming!
Diane Sullivan
The Organization Station


You have helped to change the course of my life for the better. I am forever grateful.
I now have 3 presentations booked. Things are happening very fast.  Thanks so much Mike.
Kind regards,
Kevin Knoll Wisconsin USA

Hi Mike

During the last month while I studied your material one word kept coming to mind continually and that word is a resounding, 'WOW!'  Your audios and the printed material are exceptional and worth much more than what you are charging.  And then, as I called or e-mailed you with questions YOU WERE THERE!  Mike, all I can say is that you give much more than I expected and far more than what I paid for.  Keep up the good work and may God bless you is my prayer.

Sincerely, Charles (The Bear Man) Towne,  Writer, Nature videographer and Public Speaker


Mike, I live in my own little writing and speaking world and most days I couldn't tell you what time it is or the day of the month. Thus, I called you on NEW YEARS DAY. Did you fuss? Did you tell me it was a holiday and to call back some other time (as you should have)? Nope. You talked to me, were very warm and friendly, and answered all of my questions. You are for real. THAT'S what counts into today's marketing. Give me real or my money stays in the bank. I so appreciate your ... ah ... REALISM. (Is that a word?)
Georgia Richardson

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"Public speaking skill training and begin a motivational speaking career as a professional keynote speaker".

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Pick up the phone and call me.
Phone 519 753 0702

Mike Moore is a professional speaker who delivers humorous, entertaining and informative keynote speeches and motivational seminars across Canada and the United States.  He also is committed to helping aspiring speakers start their own public speaking career.

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