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"Thanks again - you've given me an extremely valuable tool that I hadn't realized I was missing.  It has radically transformed my effectiveness! God bless"!
Pastor Bob Fogarty
Church of God - Kansas City, MO

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Hi Mike!!
Just a quick note to let you know that I received your course in the mail today.  The minute the package was in my hands I opened it in excited anticipation.  After quickly thumbing through your manual, I could easily see that your years of experience and guidance was lovingly shared on every page.  I exclaimed to myself, "Finally!  This is what I have been waiting for..."  Then on my ride to work this morning I listened to the beginning of your CD presentation "Speaking on Speaking" and immediately felt welcomed and protected by your conversational style... just like listening to a longtime friend.
Mike, I am so excited about starting a new and powerful learning experience that will help shape my future and resonate with my natural talents.  And I am honored to be sharing the journey with you!
We'll talk soon!!
Many thanks,
Douglas Potts


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HI! I got the download!!!
I've already started devouring it and I'm loving it!
Jesse Lee USA

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Mike Moore 
" I believe that we achieve our goals in life more quickly when we help others achieve theirs."
Mike Moore